Alcazar of Segovia


Discover the quaint old town of Segovia. Here you will find not only the best-preserved aqueduct in Roman times in Spain, but also an impressive Gothic cathedral and a fairytale-like castle.

The old city of Toledo in Spain at dusk


Since 1986, the old town of Toledo is a World Heritage Site. …. !!!  the city of three religions, which seems to have stopped in the Middle Ages. The highlight is the most beautiful cathedral in Spain for many Spaniards.

Medieval city wall built in the Romanesque style, Avila, Spain


The two-and-a-half-kilometer-long city wall impressively covers one of the most beautiful cities of Castile. Known for the mystic Teresa of Ávila, this city has a great heritage of Renaissance and religious buildings.

Cathedral of Salamanca and bridge over Tormes river, Spain


Well worth a visit to experience this wise, magnificent and golden city with student flair. The city center is World Heritage and the Plaza Mayor one of the most beautiful in Spain.



Zamora is located on the Roman road Vía de la Plata, directly on the banks of the Duero. Here you can see numerous Romanesque buildings that have been declared a Historical Ensemble. Nearby are many bodegas – Wineries.



Along rocky chasms, the world heritage site of Cuenca, declared a World Heritage Site, stretches out. It is famous for its hanging houses (Casas Colgadas), the impressive cobbled streets and the oldest gothic cathedral.



Don Quixote, described by Miguel de Cervantes, made this region famous. You can choose the windmill route or have your oil production explained on plantations.



Discover with us the wine regions around Madrid and in Castile. Bodegas of historical interest offer visits and tastings. With us you will experience a personalized excursion into the world of wine.



Castile offers a variety of traditional dishes. Let yourself be pampered by the typical Spanish cuisine. We can arrange your trip according to gastronomic highlights.